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Several hundred audiovisual functions are available with a natural syntax that is in itself a true, comprehensive, orderly, clear and coherent high-level language.

Alambik Script 4.0 is a new fluid multi-content audiovisual creation language which manages every aspect of your production, avoiding the need to resort to exogenous techniques that are difficult to integrate, that limit producers' creativity and which ultimately are difficult to maintain, unreliable, and costly.

With close to 1 500 commands that can be infinitely combined, your own imagination will know no limit!

The Alambik Script Viewer (download here) will automatically be installed onto your computer
To access them, please click on the relevant button located on the left of your screen. You can also download as many as you wish of our Alambik® 4.0 macros. and soon use them to enhance your own creations.